foto  Welcome to Tortoise Worlds About page !

Tortoise World has been involved in the keeping, breeding, conservation and responsible husbandry of tortoises for over 40 years.

During this time we have found it very hard to obtain tortoise related products. When such items did become available, they were found to be very expensive and not always ideal. It is because of this we believed, not only Tortoise World but members of the public caring for tortoises had been getting a raw deal.

foto  Where Tortoise World began !

In 1986 we decided to create Tortoise World. Our main aim was to bring down the cost of products that were important to the general well being of tortoises living in our country and all that relates to the good husbandry of our charges.

We decided if the product was not available then we would manufacture it ourselves. This is exactly what we are doing; although this is an ongoing exercise we pride ourselves on the determination we have to keep searching the globe for the latest developments.

foto  Tortoise Worlds goals for the future !

Our long term goal is to continue our breeding program, breeding all tortoises of all species under the captive conditions that closely matches that of their natural environment. Paying attention to the individual needs of our charges, as we care for them at our dedicated farm in Sussex. Tortoise World would also like to keep up the educational side of tortoise husbandry and will proceed to do this by passing on the knowledge and experience gained over the years to other tortoise keepers.

foto  Other Tortoise World commitments !

Terry of Tortoise World commits himself to a number of tortoise related projects outside of tortoise world, this includes the last Sunday of every month where he can be found in a clinic held at The Sussex Chelonian Society, there he can be found amongst other tortoise experts offering advice, weighing, microchipping and on certain months worming.

It has also been noted that Terry has manufactured an innovative new product designed with only tortoises in mind; this product is known as the Slider and can now be found on sale in our online Shop. The Slider has generated much interest among those who keep and breed tortoises, as it is has been designed to make measuring a tortoise much more accurate not to mention a lot easier. This new product has been such a hit to the point that specialists took the Slider out in to the field to be tried and tested, generating some fantastic reviews. Clipping of this article are coming soon...